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Load Control Changes for 2018
To avoid a $40 reprogramming fee, contact Loup before June 1st to make load control changes

Irrigation Load Control Status
OHV Park Informational Meeting

Loup Power District is hosting a public meeting on Wednesday, June 6, to discuss the status of the Genoa Headworks Off‐Highway Vehicle (OHV) park. See the flyer for more information.

Please Anchor Your Mylar Balloons

Please remember to anchor your Mylar balloons. If a Mylar balloon drifts away, it could come into contactwith power lines and cause equipment failure and outages. Click the link to see what can happen.

Self-Pay Kiosk Available

A self-pay kiosk is now available at the Columbus General Office at 2404 15th Street. The kiosk can be used at any time and accepts credit cards, checks and cash. Customers must have their account number or bill to use the kiosk.

Tree Planting Guide

Before planting trees this spring, take a look around to see how those trees will affect overhead power lines as they grow. Visit the link for a tree planting guide.

Diggers Hot Line