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Load Control has Ended for 2017
Thanks to all of those who participated in this year's load control

Irrigation Load Control Status
Loup Parks Closed for Winter

The Lake North and Lake Babcock campgrounds are closed for the winter. The Lake North park and shelter remain open throughout the winter. Call 402-562-5709 for park status information

EnergyWise Program Changes

The EnergyWise high-efficiency heat pump program will have some changes in 2018 along with the commercial and industrial prescriptive and custom lighting program. Click the link to learn more.

Grizwatts vs Schneevolts

It's happening again! Just as the Yuletide spirit starts to gear up, so does the battle between the Grizwatts and the Schneevolts. Each family refuses to be outdone by the other for the best celebration.

Stumpy's High Electric Bill

Stumpy the reindeer (and his reindeer family) waste a lot of energy. That leads to big utility bills. Hit the link to watch the video. Learn more at:

Diggers Hot Line