A Message to You - Our Valued Customer

The goals of Loup Power District (The District) are to provide low cost, reliable electric service, to make maximum use of the waters of the Loup River to generate power and to promote the economic development of our area.

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, organized by the people to serve the people. The aim of the District is to bring reliable electric service to our customers at the lowest possible rates, consistent with good business practices.

Our Board of Directors is the governing body of the District and is elected by the people we and they serve. We are responsible to the public through those elected representatives.

One way we can connect with you is through communication. Therefore, this website is designed to give you access to information regarding topics ranging from our proud history, to our service and recreational areas, as well as rate and contact information. I hope this website will be a valuable source of information concerning the many services the District has to offer.

Neal Suess