One Simple Step Energy Education Program

Energy conservation can be achieved one simple step at a time. Do one today. Do another tomorrow. One at a time. And, soon you'll be on your way to saving energy AND money. Take one simple step at a time and the more steps you take the more you will reduce the energy you use in your home.

The Nebraska Energy Assistance Network (NEAN) and Loup Power District in partnership with our wholesale provider, Nebraska Public Power District, are making the One Simple Step videos available to area residents. These YouTube videos show homeowners, renters, and landlords how to take simple steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Checking Your Attic Insulation

A poorly or uninsulated attic can cause energy loss.

Insulating Rim Joists

Save money by stopping air from leaking through your rim joists.

Caulking Windows

Caulking windows is an easy way to prevent air leaks.

Installing Window Film

Stop drafts from windows by installing a temporary plastic covering.

Weather Stripping Doors

It may be time to put new weather stripping around your doors. It's easy if you take one step at a time.

Changing Your Furnace Filter

A clean furnace filter saves energy and money. Remember to do it regularly.

Understanding Energy Efficiency Tags

Learn what the tags mean and save money every month.

Installing Outlet Pads

Those little outlets can let air leak into your home. Inexpensive pads can solve that problem.

Installing a Water Heater Blanket

A blanket can keep your water heater and you happy and warm.

Cleaning a Dryer Filter, Dryer Vent, and Your Refrigerator's Coils

Regular cleaning helps efficiency and prevents fires

If you need information about energy assistance in your community, call 211. "We want every homeowner, renter, and landlord to understand that being energy efficient is everyone's responsibility and the steps to cut costs are simple and affordable," said Rick Cheloha, New Business Supervisor at Loup Power District.

The Nebraska Energy Assistance Network is a partnership of utilities, governmental agencies, regulators, and community leaders. They have joined together to: educate Nebraskans to use energy efficiently, assist residents in meeting their basic energy needs, provide links to financial assistance and energy efficiency resources, and to identify and address energy needs. Funding for the One Simple Step public awareness campaign is provided by a grant from the Nebraska Energy Office.