Safety and Energy Education Programs

There are many different ways that people can come into contact with electricity and power lines. The District Electrical Safety presentations can bring many of these instances to light with discussions and demonstrations. Ladders used around the house and flying kites are common examples of how someone may encounter power lines. Over 80% of the people that die from electricity are killed from the power lines that individuals come into contact within and around their homes.

Safety Programs for Schools

The District actively promotes electrical safety through an outreach program to the public by offering Power Town and Safety Trailer demonstrations. Helping to educate the public about safety around electricity makes these presentations an important community service!

The Power Town demonstration is best suited for small groups and ideally suited for presentations held indoors. The demonstrations are aimed primarily at the elementary schools in second to fourth grade classes. In some instances the program has been given to the entire school. Power Town is very popular and been presented to the majority of school-age children in the District service area.

Safety Trailer Demonstrations

The High Voltage Electrical Safety Trailer was built by District employees to provide a highly visual tool to demonstrate electrical safety. The safety trailer is designed for outdoor demonstrations to groups, large and small. Our safety demonstrations in recent years have been provided to grade school students of all ages, adults of all ages, boy scouts, girl scouts, babysitters, police officers, sheriff deputies, emergency response personnel, civic organizations and area businesses.

For a safety program or demonstration, please contact any District official or call Rick Prater, Supervisor of Safety and Training, at the General Office in Columbus.