District Services and Products

Water Heater Rental

No Maintenance! No Worries!
Loup Power District's 'Water Heater Rental Program' offers the following:

  • 40- and 50-gallon capacity water heaters can be rented for only $4.15 per month.
  • Energy saving models available.
  • After the customer provides initial installation, Loup Power District takes care of all maintenance and replacement at no additional charge.

LightGuard Rental

The District will install a LightGuard Area Security Light to an existing District pole and provide all needed maintenance for a minimum monthly fee. LightGuard will increase the safety, security and comfort of your yard or business. For assistance on the LightGuard program, please contact the Columbus Service Center at 402-564-4129 or your local District office.

For further assistance on these and other services and products, please contact Rick Cheloha, New Business Supervisor at 402-564-3171, ext. 221.