District Services and Products

Energy Benchmarking for Nebraska Schools

Dedicated to increasing the awareness of energy usage among Nebraska schools. Striving to provide opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of our state's educational facilities. In using this service, you will:

  • Learn how your school compares to other schools in Nebraska.
  • Establish a benchmark that can be used to compare energy usage in future years.
  • Have the opportunity to request assistance from an energy professional in evaluating your school's energy usage.

Benchmark Your Facility

Water Heater Rental

No Maintenance! No Worries!
Loup Power District's 'Water Heater Rental Program' offers the following:

  • 40- and 50-gallon capacity water heaters can be rented for only $4.15 per month.
  • Energy saving models available.
  • After the customer provides initial installation, Loup Power District takes care of all maintenance and replacement at no additional charge.

LightGuard Rental

The District will install a LightGuard Area Security Light to an existing District pole and provide all needed maintenance for a minimum monthly fee. LightGuard will increase the safety, security and comfort of your yard or business. For assistance on the LightGuard program, please contact the Columbus Service Center at 402-564-4129 or your local District office.

For further assistance on these and other services and products, please contact Rick Cheloha, New Business Supervisor at 402-564-3171, ext. 221.