The District's home to public informational videos.

Loup Emergency Action Plan Video

New uses for the sand at the Genoa Headworks. Video Credit: Channel 7 KETV-Dave Roberts.

A fish eyed view of what goes on during our dredging operation. Here is a short video to showing the dustpan which features a custom digging jet system to break up material beneath the water. Video Credit: DSC Dredge LLC

Take a virtual tour of the District's hydroelectric system from the Headworks to the Tailrace. This video explains many details about the system including the canal and its 33 mile trek through Nance and Platte counties and the powerhouses at Monroe and Columbus. Video Credit:Columbus Middle School Computer Integration Specialist Lori Focher

Have you ever wondered why we call it "electricity"? Video Credit:Lesson by James Sheils, Animation by TED-Ed

Pride in Public Power, a video produced by APPA (American Public Power Association), describes the public power business model and explains why public power communities take pride in owning their own not-for-profit electric utility.