Safety Tips from the District

What to Do In an Electrical Emergency

Electricity, although very dangerous, is a dependable commodity for our customers. You should always respect its power. If an electrical accident occurs, here are some guidelines.

  • Never go near a victim you think has been injured by electricity until you know the power has been turned off. Do not become a victim yourself by trying to rescue someone that has come into contact with an electrical source.
  • Call for an ambulance and/or fire department immediately to address the safety and medical needs of the injured victim! Do not attempt to move the victim or any surrounding electrical equipment.
  • If a power line or broken wire is down near your house, do not touch it! Never assume the wire is dead or safe to handle. Be sure to contact your local power company so that necessary repairs can be made. If a power line has come into contact with your vehicle, stay inside the vehicle and wait for rescue workers. If you must get out of the vehicle because of a fire, jump out without touching the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Shuffle away with very small steps or hop keeping your feet together. Don't try to help others out of the vehicle otherwise you risk being electrocuted.

Treat Electricity With Respect!

Electricity plays a vital role in our lives. Because it is involved in nearly everything we do, we tend to take it for granted. Electricity is dangerous and has the potential to cause serious injury or death. Over 80% of the people that are killed by electricity are electrocuted by the voltages commonly found around the house. Here are some electrical safety reminders:

  • Remind children not to play around electrical structures. Flying a kite near overhead power lines can be deadly.
  • Electricity and water do not mix. Keep electric appliances a safe distance away from sinks or the bath tub. If your basement is flooded, make sure the power to your house is off before entering the area.
  • Be extra careful of overhead lines when working with an aluminum ladder or when climbing trees.

Power Town and Safety Trailer Demonstrations Aim to Educate the Public about Electrical Safety!

The Districtís Electrical Safety presentations can raise awareness of potential hazards through discussions and demonstrations. The District actively promotes safety through an outreach program to the public by offering the Power Town and Safety Trailer demonstrations. Helping educate the public about safety around electricity makes these presentations an important service!

The Power Town demonstration is best suited for small groups and works best indoors. The demonstrations are aimed primarily at the elementary schools 2nd Ė 4th grade classes. In some instances the program has been given to an entire school. Power Town has been demonstrated to nearly every school-age child in the Districtís service area.

The High Voltage Electrical Safety Trailer was built by district employees to provide a highly visual tool to demonstrate electrical safety. The safety trailer is designed for outdoor demonstrations to groups of any size. It is not recommended for indoor use unless special arrangements are made in advance. In recent years our safety demonstrations have been provided to students and adults of all ages, boys and girl scouts, babysitters, local law enforcement agencies, emergency response personnel, civic organizations and area businesses.

For a safety demonstration, you may contact Rick Prater, Safety and Training Supervisor at 402-564-3171, extension 203.