Columbus Area Recreational Trails

Columbus, Nebraska has an extensive system of recreational trails throughout the city and adjoining areas. These trails provide a safe setting for the healthy activities of hiking, biking, running, and rollerblading.

Two Lakes Trail

Two Lakes Trail is a 2.4 miles long, 8-ft. wide concrete pathway. This trail entertains recreational opportunities for bike riders, runners, walkers, rollerbladers, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and wheelchairs. The scenic trail runs along the north side of two lakes (Lake North and Lake Babcock) and winds through the tree-lined Lake North Park, Loup Park, and a wildlife refuge along 83rd Street between 18th Avenue and 48th Avenue. The trail meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. The two lakes, located approximately four miles north of Columbus, Nebraska, are part of Loup's extensive hydroelectric generation facilities and public recreation offerings. Two Lakes Trail was awarded the Millennium 2000 Community Trail Award.

Two Lakes Trail is also a Volkswalk Year Round Event (YRE). Maps and patches for this activity are available at Casey's General Store , 2903 - 23rd Street, and at Lake Stop, (located across from Lake North), 8229 - 18th Avenue, Columbus, Nebraska.

Castner's Crossing

Castner's Crossing

Castner's Crossing

Castner's Crossing is a 130-foot long, 10-foot wide footbridge that crosses the Loup Canal. It connects the Two Lakes Trail and the Bob Lake Trail. A trailhead and information kiosk are located at the crossing.

Bob Lake Trail

Bob Lake Trail is a 1.3 miles long, 9-ft wide trail made of crushed limestone. For biking, walking, and jogging, the Bob Lake Trail follows the southwest perimeter of Lake Babcock. For the nature lover, Lake Babcock is home to the giant American Lotus, the furthest west colony of this flower found in the U.S.

A trailhead is located at the junction of Bob Lake Trail and the Robert White Trail. This trailhead is across the street from the east entrance of Central Community College.

Robert White Trail

Robert White Trail is a crushed limestone walkway 1.5 miles long and 9-ft wide. Great for biking, walking, and jogging, the Robert White Trail follows the southern perimeter of Lake Babcock from the Bob Lake Trail to 18th Avenue. There is free parking at the east and west end of the trail.

You can follow the path along the dike to the Lake North perimeter road. This 1-mile leg ends at the entrance parking lot. Free parking is available at the east and west trailheads.

More information about Columbus trails is available at their web site: