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Draft License Application

All files are PDFs. If you need Adobe Reader, click here to download for free.

Draft License Application File Size
Transmittal Letter 201KB
Executive Summary 219KB
General Information 22KB
Initial Statement 994KB
Exhibit A Project Description 5.4MB
Exhibit B Project Operation and Resource Utilization 3.4MB
  Appendix B-1: Monthly Flow Duration Curves, Loup River at Point of Diversion 219KB
  Appendix B-2: Monthly Flow Duration Curves, Loup River Power Canal at Genoa 249KB
Exhibit C Construction History and Proposed Construction Schedule 39KB
Exhibit D Statement of Costs and Financing 39KB
Exhibit E Environmental Report 9.4MB
  Appendix E-1: Exhibit E Figures 17.5MB
  Appendix E-2: Preliminary Draft Biological Assessment 9.7MB
  Appendix E-3: Water Quality Data 506KB
  Appendix E-4: Draft Recreation Management Plan 6.6MB
  Appendix E-5: Consultation 20MB
Exhibit F Design Drawings and Supporting Design Report 35KB
Exhibit G Project Maps 943KB
  Appendix G-1 for Exhibit G is available by calling (402) 399-1341  
  Appendix G-2: Project Boundary Modifications 11.3MB
Exhibit H Plans and Ability of Applicant to Operate Project Efficiently 90KB





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