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Loup River Hydroelectric Project
FERC Project No. 1256
Pre-Application Document

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Volume 1: Main Document
Transmittal Letter, Cover, Table of Contents, Acronyms & Abbreviations (PDF 1.56MB)
Section 1 - Introduction (PDF 31KB)
Section 1 - Figures (PDF 1.30MB)
Section 2 - Process Plan (PDF 55KB)
Section 2 - Schedule (PDF 18KB)
Section 2 - Figures (PDF 1.16MB)
Section 3 - General Description of the River Basin (PDF 41KB)
Section 3 - Figures (ZIP 7MB)
Section 4 - Project Location, Facilities and Operations (PDF 4.33MB)
Section 4 - Figures (ZIP 17MB)
Section 5 - Existing Environment and Resource Impacts (PDF 4.08MB)
Section 5 - Figures (ZIP 32MB)
Section 6 - Preliminary Issues and Studies List (PDF 161KB) Revised 10/22/08
Section 7 - References (PDF 47KB)

Volume 2: Appendices
Cover (PDF 1464KB)
Appendix A - Summary of Contacts (ZIP 5MB)
Appendix B - Current FERC License (PDF .90MB)
Appendix C - Flow Duration Curves (PDF .78MB)
Appendix D - Specific Gage Rating Curves (PDF 1.02MB)
Appendix E - Water Quality Data (PDF 265KB)
Appendix F - Nebraska Tier I & II At-Risk Species (PDF .84MB)
Appendix G - North SMA Adaptive Management Plan (PDF 24KB)


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